how to make a friendship bracelets

friendship bracelets are nifty little woven bands hand made with crochet thread. usually, when a person presents another with a bracelet they've made, it's a sign of true friendship - considering the gifter would spend so much time making a gift for the other. they're fun, relatively easy, and pretty inexpensive to make. here's how!

supplies you'll need: crochet thread, six colors of choice; clipboard

step one: cut all your strings to be around 21-23 centemeters in length. tie them all together at one end, leaving about 1-1 1/2 inches free above the knot. put the string above the knot in the clip on the clipboard. this will hold it while you weave

step two:take the first string on the left [represented with f] and bend it over the next string [r] so that it looks like a "4." continue to pull it around the next string [r], and up through the space between. keep pulling up, and tighten it to make a knot

step three: repeat step two. no matter what style bracelet you are making, ALWAYS DOUBLE KNOT

step four: the first thread [f] should now be the second in the row, to the right of the thread you wrapped it around. the new first thread [r] needs to be pulled too the left so it's out of the way. repeat steps one through three using [f], but this time wrap it around the thread to the right of it, represented with [i]

step five: repeat all previous steps across all the threads in the row until you have a line

step six: each time you finish a row, start a new one with the the thread from the left. lather, rinse, repeat all steps until the bracelet is as long as you like. tie a knot at the end and snip the end thread to a proper length, and it's ready!

extra: a thing you can do to add some spice would be to tie beads to the end of your tying threads. they clink and are so cute in sound and appearance, although they could get annoying. keep in mind there are multiple styles of bracelets, and portrayed here was only the most basic "candy stripe"

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