original characters

jaime tortint

age: 17
birthday: june 28
astrological sign: cancer
species/race: human, white
blood type: a
height: 5’4”
orientation: he's gay, helen

jaime is a good kid, but his parents are negligent of him because he has the dreaded gay. instead, they focus all of their attention on his little sister, jocelyn... who is the one that outed him to them. (albeit accidentally.) he has justifiably hard feelings about the incident, leading to the events of the story

he actually has a healthy relationship with jocelyn herself, and they are both very affectionate towards each other. he misses her, greatly regrets his deal with aaliyah, and will do whatever it takes to get her back

nathalie is his best friend, and he has long-standing feelings for timothy, but finds himself drawn to rasmus

what he doesn't know can and will hurt him

physical appearance: short, straight platinum blonde hair with long bangs (usually swept out of his eyes with hairclips.) round face. pale complexion. thin, rounded medium-arch eyebrows. wide, round, lidded green eyes. full cheeks. upturned button nose. full lips (makes him look like he's always pouting.) small, round ears with attached lobes. often has bandages/bandaids due to some sort of injury

aesthetic: post-emo soft grunge. baggy hoodies/tees/sweatshirts/sweaters, skinny/ripped jeans, denim shorts, overalls, (chuck) sneakers, creepers, doc martens. sometimes his shoes are platform style. often rolls up his jeans, exposing his socks. wears hair clips/pins, small earrings, paints nails. sometimes wears rainbow motifs in pins and/or patches. rarely wears belts, but when he does they're studded. loves striped patterns, skulls, and spiderweb motifs. he always wears a silver ring with a band shaped like twigs and leaves with a sapphire embedded in the center

favored colors to wear: vermillion, black, white, pink

smells like: apples, chapstick, stale air, vanilla

personality: c r y b a b y. demure, shy, and introverted - but friendly and grateful if you talk to him. has low self-esteem and confidence, but does his best to get the job done, especially when his loved ones are involved. he usually lets slights slide because he's too scared of conflict, but microaggressions build up until he finally snaps. he will fight tooth and nail if it comes to that

flaws: secretly selfish, not good at voicing his thoughts, overly self-conscious, cries a bit too much

mannerism: smiles a lot but often looks uncomfortable doing it, emphasizes speech with gestures, bites lip often

hobbies: singing, listening to music, watching movies, photography, hanging out at the arcade with timmy and natty 

fave animals: birds (especially cardinals), rats

fave color: "blue"

fave drinks: apple juice, coffee, vanilla milkshake

fave foods: apples, scallops

fave flower: apple blossom

fave music genres: acoustic stuff, boyband pop, post hardcore, screamo, (90s) techno, symphonic metal

fave musical artists: aqua, backstreet boys, bright eyes, emarosa, evanescence, darren hayes, fall out boy, goo goo dolls, la bouche, matchbox 20, nsync, paramore, purity ring, sleeping with sirens, smile.dk, taking back sunday, tatu, toy-box, within temptation

rasmus jarvinen

age: sorta old
birthday: october 30
astrological sign: scorpio
species/race: djinn/human, syrian/white
blood type: o
height: 5’11”
orientation: anything goes, but his type is "vulnerable"

rasmus is jaime's love interest specifically because he wants to be. he is aaliyah's younger brother, and is half djinn like her. he is assisting jaime in his pursuit of aaliyah and jocelyn, but not for jaime's sake

that part's a secret, though

physical appearance: short, wavy, black hair; bangs cover his ears, often side-swept. thick eyebrows. triangle-shaped face. medium-dark complexion. thick, soft-angled, low arch eyebrows. dark blue, heavy-lidded, upturned eyes; looking in them closely, you'd swear he doesn't have pupils. high cheek bones. soft aquiline nose. thin downward-turned lips (often mistaken for a bored expression at best, a scowl at worst.) round ears with free lobes

aesthetic: 80s goth meets e-boy mori hipster. form-fitting turtlenecks (which may or may not have rips and shreds in them,) button-up blouses, subversive graphic tees that are actually literal in context (ex "i eat boys",) various sweaters, vests/waistcoats, leather jackets, trench coats, flowy shawls, ripped skinny jeans, dress slacks, worn-out combat boots, dress shoes. sleeves of his main top usually come out under the sleeves of his outerwear. typically tucks tops into bottoms. often wears chokers.a lot of his closet is comprised of vintage, thread-bare pieces - all the rips and tears are authentic damage from wearing them 20+ years. loves teeth and scorpion motifs. more often than not wears kohl around his eyes, and a multitude of rings on both hands. paints his nails black or another dark color, and his manicure's never chipped. always wears a necklace with a skeleton key to the doors in his house around his neck, and numerous piercings in both ears

favored colors to wear: black, shades of grey, navy and royal blue, deep crimson, silver

smells like: chamomile, leather, metal, old parchment, potpourri

personality: distant but intense. he's quiet and keeps to himself for the most part. one might take him as angry about something at all times, but really that's just his face. he is pensive, which often gets mistaken for rudeness. he does his best to be polite, although he may get more sterile when interacting with someone - or something - he doesn't care for. when he does care for something - or someone - he gets tunnel vision; the object of affection is the most pressing matter on his mind. if he likes it even a smidge, he needs it to be his, and his alone, effective right now immediately. he knows what he's capable of and takes confidence in that knowledge. he goes to great lengths to get what he wants, although his methoids aren't as cut-throat as his sister's. (why, they're even humane in comparison...)

flaws: gets too hungry too often, can stare too openly for too long if he's interested in something, lacks self-control

mannerism: taps bottom lip when thinking, turns head away and observes out of the corner of his eye rather than full-on, slips into finnish when he's talking to himself or exasperated, mixes archaic language with modern language and doesn't notice (or care) if people find it strange, every so often he forgets himself and his speech is in a finnish accent, cocks an eyebrow a lot

hobbies: painting, collecting portraits, gardening, pressing flowers, reading, people watching, jaime watching, long walks, smoking

fave animals: cats, swans

fave color: grey

fave drinks: chamomile tea, coffee

fave foods: fries, cigarettes

fave flower: black iris, delphinium

fave music genres: 90s alternative rock, classical, dark folk, dark wave, new age, new wave, post punk, witch house

fave musical artists: bauhaus, black ceiling, collective soul, dead can dance, delerium, echo & the bunnymen, hozier, incubus, kate bush, live, massive attack, moby, mozart, nirvana, poets of the fall (guilty pleasure), savage garden (the guiltiest pleasure), smashing pumpkins, strawberry switchblade, the smiths

note: his (and aaliyah's) is supposed to be jรคrvinen, but... y'know. aesthetic in the header lol. his name's pronounced rahz-moce YAR-vee-nin (no really, stress YAR lol. if you don't sound like a pirate you're pronouncing it wrong)

jocelyn torint

age: 16
birthday: october 13
astrological sign: libra
species/race: human, white
blood type: ab
height: 5’2”
orientation: boys are so cute! and girls are so pretty!

jocelyn is a sweet, albeit naive girl who hangs on aaliyah's every word. she doesn't understand who that light haired boy is, and why he calls her his sister, or why he's always crying whenever he comes around her... but she feels very sorry for him and hopes he gets the help he needs

she's been considering asking aaliyah if they can help the boy, but aaliyah has a tendency to distract her and put her mind on other, more pleasant, subjects

physical appearance: shoulder-length, straight medium-brown hair; blunt bangs straight across forehead; some tendrils frame her face. heart-shaped face. medium-light complexion. thin, rounded medium-arch eyebrows. wide, round, lidded hazel eyes. full cheeks. small button nose. full, up-turned lips. small, round ears with attached lobes

aesthetic: larme babydoll nymphet - a walking altar'd state mannequin. sweaters, blouses and dresses with peter pan collars and lacy tanks underneath, overall dresses, flowy tops and dresses, spagetthi strap dresses over peasant tops, flared skirts, denim shorts, ruffle hem ankle socks, knee socks, dainty kitten heels, chunky platform sandals, mary janes. prefers shimmery eyeshadow in pastel colors and rosy lips; shades of pink only, with an exception made for lavender. wears scarce accessories; dainty chain necklace here, pair of cute earrings there, maybe a ring. keeps nails short and painted. styles hair in various ways, such as pigtails, or a bun, etc. loves floral patterns, ribbons, and bows

favored colors to wear: pastels <3 lavender, soft pink, baby blue, mint green, white

smells like: roses, cotton candy, honey, strawberries

personality: fair, kind, friendly, mature. she's the girl people go to with their problems seeking well-considered advice and a shoulder to cry on. she'll go through some mental gymnastics to come up with a solution to a problem where everyone can be satisfied. she can be naive, and make blunders, but she genuinely feels remorse for any time she's ever caused anyone problems, and would like to make amends. she avoids being a source of conflict to her own detriment

flaws: doesn't voice her true thoughts often enough, can be air-headed at times

mannerism: twirls lock of hair around her finger, bites on her pens/pencils when nervous

hobbies: talking on the phone, browsing pinterest, dancing, baking

fave animals: bunnies, deer

fave color: lavender

fave drinks: iced sweet tea, boba

fave foods: strawberries and whipped cream, angel cake, croissants with jam, crepes with nutella

fave flower: hyacinth

fave music genres: acoustic, folk, indie

fave musical artists: ellie goulding, mgmt, mumford and sons, neutral milk hotel, of montreal, sixpence none the richer, the 1975, the decemberists, the postal service, the sundays

aahliyah jarvinen

age: pretty old
birthday: may 3
astrological sign: taurus
species/race: djinn/human, syrian/white
blood type: o
height: 5’9”
orientation: she'll try anything at least once

aaliyah is a self-proclaimed bad bitch. she likes to pick on her baby brother thanks to an old feud involving pitchforks and obligatory torches. after noticing his lil' crushy-wushy on jaime, she decided she'd intervene and wreck everything, resulting in her taking jocelyn as a captive

(un?)fortunately, "stockholm syndrome" is not a term she is familiar with

physical appearance: waist-length, naturally wavy (often flat-ironed), black hair; no bangs, parted in the middle. thick eyebrows. triangle-shaped face. dark complexion. thick, hard angled, high arch eyebrows ("instagram brows") that make it look like she's glaring (it's on purpose.) purple, heavy-lidded, upturned eyes; they're so dark you can't really see her pupils... or so you hope. high cheek bones. soft aquiline nose. medium upward-turned lips (she looks incredibly smug and like she knows something you don't.) notably, you can often see a snaggletooth peeking out of her mouth - surely that's not a fang... round ears with free lobes

aesthetic: rihanna as an instagram baddie who not only survived it but collared her goth phase as a sex slave, but it's still apparent there was a struggle. form-fitting mini dresses, slitted jessica rabbit dresses, punked up prom dresses, bodysuits, lacey bralets, velvet tank tops, croptops, fur coats, leather jackets which may have phrases on them (ex. "calm like a bom"), tight stretchy mini skirts, skin tight jeans ripped in all the right places, ripped up jean shorts that show what you're looking for, leggings, stiletto pumps, thigh high boots, ankle cut boots, chunky sandals. loves gun, knife, big cat, and human anatomy motifs (such as realistic hearts, spines, etc.) loves glittery and metallic makeup; her eyeliner is always on point. accessorizes with velvet chokers, gold chains with pendants, big hoop earrings. files nails into talons; manicure is never chipped. styles haire in various ways, but most often has it up in a high ponytail, or half up space buns

favored colors to wear: purple, hot pink, black, burgundy, neon lavender, gold

smells like: caramel, coffee, chanel no 5

personality: a self proclaimed and proud heartless bitch. she is vicious. if she wants it, she gets it, by hook or by crook (but usually by crook, because honestly? hardly anyone is worthy of her.) she's got it, she knows it, she flaunts it. if you piss her off once she's your lifetime nemesis. but if you manage to stay on her good side, she'll be your most powerful and loyal ally. do not, under any circumstances, let her get bored (or worse - sick) of you. she's a smart cookie, too. she's the type that gets banned from a casino for winning too much but it can't ever be proved that she cheated. if it's not dangerous, expensive, or something important to someone else that she wants to take glee in destroying, she likely won't be interested

flaws: vain, a villain, too hot hot damn!

mannerism: stepford smiler, drums her nails on surfaces to threaten or if she's bored

hobbies: makeup, shopping, making others suffer, scoping out new victims

fave animals: big cats, especially panthers

fave color: purple

fave drinks: red wine, coffee

fave foods: souls, pomegranate, cotton candy

fave flower: roses

fave music genres: classic rock and heavy metal, r&b, rap, trap

fave musical artists: alicia keys, beyonce, kehlani, lil uzi vert, led zeppelin, nicki minaj, madonna, missy elliott, motley crue, scorpions, the weeknd, yellow claw, ying yang twins


nathalie brooke

age: 17
astrological sign: pisces
species/race: human, black
blood type: ab
height: 5’5”
orientation: world hard and cold. tiddy soft and warm

nathalie is the glue that holds the weirdo trio together. without her, those dumbasses jaime and timmy would still be in the closet (she sees you, timothy!) and grounded. meeting up at the arcade was her idea. she's the only friend jaime is allowed to have inside the house. she would take a bullet for her boys, and she knows they'd take one for her. she also babies jocelyn. she knows it's sad that joss outed jaime, but it wasn't on purpose. she didn't know any better, and it clearly eats her up inside. give the poor kid a break

...hey, speaking of. what happened to little jocelyn?

who the fuck is that guy that's been all over jaime lately, anyway? she sees him lurking on jaime's block for weeks, then all of a sudden they're a thing? he came calling around the time joss went missing? something's up

she might have to kick that dude's teeth in

physical appearance: long, textured, naturally brown but bleached and dyed hair; most often worn in cornrows/locs. heart shaped face. dark complexion. round low arch eyebrows. almond lidded brown eyes. nubian nose. heart shaped lips. pointed ears with broad lobes

aesthetic: kitchsy alien cybergoth disco disney princess.

favored colors to wear: NEONS! rainbows! and black! holographic! and glitter!

smells like: popcorn, brownies

personality: vibrant mom friend. very perceptive, notices a lot of things other people might look over - both physical, and between the lines. she's super protective, and is the type to break it up, or make it come together. fake it til you make it babey! did you know that if you smile even when you're feeling bad, it'll actually make you happier?

flaws: overly protective, overly outgoing


hobbies: drawing, watching anime, dancing, taking care of her pets, walks on the beach, making friendship bracelets and kandi, urban exploring (especially lighthouses,) hanging out with the guys

fave animals: parakeets! and labradors! and rats! (she has a dog named honeybun and budgie named toot and a rat named nibbles)

fave color: toxic slime neon green! no, wait... hot pink! or maybe bright yellow? or-

fave drinks: slushies, pineapple juice, dr. pepper

fave foods: pineapple, brownies, s'mores, pizza

fave flower: sunflowers, tulips

fave music genres: dubstep, house, nightcore, nu metal, ska, trance, rap

fave musical artists: adema, alice in videoland, childish gambino, daft punk, david guetta, disturbed, dope, everlast, garbage, infected mushroom, kittie, korn, lil wayne, linkin park, major lazer, marilyn manson, no doubt, outkast, paul oakenfield, slipknot, snoop dogg, sublime, the prodigy

timothy "timmy" richardson

age: 17
astrological sign:
species/race: human, go white boy go
blood type:
height: 5’10”
orientation: um... uh... well... you see...

timmy is nathalie's best friend, and jaime's left-hand man

jaime's been so bummed lately over joss being gone... they were tight. it's so sad to think about something happening to her. she was a good kid, just dumb. she didn't mean to tattle about that time jaime and timmy made out on the couch...

oh, that? whatever. that was two dumb 13 year olds, it didn't mean anything... he's not allowed at jaime's house, but that's just because the guy's mom such a bitch lol. what's that lady on about anyway? it's not like they have feelings or anything. they're just friends... right?

and friends protect friends. friends help friends. friends worry about friends. and timothy is very much concerned for jaime, because that new dude gives off bad, bad vibes...

physical appearance:

aesthetic: nerd-chic pseudo skater jock.

favored colors to wear: muted shades of brown, green, grey, red

smells like:(sometimes) sweat, axe body spray, spice

personality: be gay do crime. fairly perceptive to cover his own ass, always on the lookout for people watching him - him, but not necessarily others except his own people. he has tunnel vision in this manner. he often gets mistaken for a nerdy type (which is true) but then people are surprised he knows how to play soccer and skate, and that he's on the team. he's worked at a grocery store since he was 13, and between that and the money he saved by stealing whatever he could, he was able to buy a car, so now he's thinking of quitting to be free in more ways than one. because he's never gotten caught he's self assured and can be sloppy. he's the one of the trio with the most independence. his home life is okay enough too, his family is just poor. overall, he's kinda sneaky, but his heart is in the right place

flaws: indecisive, lacks conviction, technically a criminal (but like, whatever man)

mannerism: eyes are constantly shifting around, he often has his hands in his pockets

hobbies: math and science stuff, playing soccer and frisbee, skating, shoplifting, going for rides along the coast, urban exploring, hanging out with jaime and 'lie

fave animals: foxes

fave color: forest green...? maybe?

fave drinks: chocolate shakes? slushies? sprite?

fave foods: burgers and fries? chicken tenders? flamin hot cheetos? gas station hot dogs? whatever fits in his pocket?

fave flower: uhhh

fave music genres: pop punk, ""rap,"" top 40s hits

fave musical artists: all time low, avril lavigne, beastie boys, blink-182, eminem, good charlotte, green day, hinder, hoobastank, lit, simple plan, switchfoot, sum 41, the all-american rejects, the offspring, weezer, yellowcard

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