fun facts

  • i'm a distant relative to percy bysshe shelley by blood, and mary shelley by marriage
  • ie, i'm genetically goth and pretentious uwu
  • i'm literally, physically allergic to the sun
  • turns out goth genetics can be awful
    if i'm exposed to sun too long, i'll start breaking out in sores and my skin will bubble like an intense sunburn after only a few hours. suffice to say, i don't tan
    we found out when my daycare would take us to the pool every day in the summer and i had to be medically examined for burns after a few days. then we couldn't switch me out of that daycare program, so while everyone else swam i had to sit under an umbella alone for hours on end ),:
    ppl used to make fun of me in high school and call me "the vampire." kinda weak attempt at shade if you ask me
  • i'm also allergic to water
  • when it gets on my skin it can itch and cause a rash, and when i drink it straight it makes me nausous and feels "heavy"
    i also don't find it refreshing, ex. i can down a glass and still be thirsty lol
  • i'm 4'11" (125cm)
  • i like teeth and collect them. i just think they're neat
  • when one of my own wisdom teeth was removed, it was fused with with my maxillary sinus bone. i still have it and it's gnarly af lol
    when i had other wisdom teeth removed, they only let me keep one and i was so disappointed ),:
  • i bleach and dye my hair
  • my natural color is black like my soul
    goth genetics fucking me over again (from a dye perspective lol)
    colors my hair has been: black, platinum blonde, hot pink, lavender, pastel pink, purple, purple > pink ombre, and teal. it's currently teal
  • i was born with blue eyes
  • then they turned green. then they turned grey, and were grey so long my pediatrician told my parents they were gonna stick. (they did not, and my eyes are brown. i got fucking cheated)
  • speaking of eyes, i have amblyopia
  • aka, a lazy eye; that means one of my eyes turns inward, and has weaker vision than normal
    i can see well enough in my right eye to navigate the world (my "dominant" eye) but i'm p much blind in the left
    this means i don't have depth perception and see the world "flatter"
  • i got a southern accent y'all
  • i started watching anime when i was a baby
  • my mom's friend's husband was an old school american otaku, and had a ton of vhs tapes. so when mom would visit her friend, the adults would sit me down in front of the tv to watch his "cartoons" :,)
  • the first anime i ever watched was urusei yatsura (see above lol)
  • lum has been my life-long ultimate waifu uwu
  • i'm legally a bastard
  • my memaw was a kentucky colonel
  • i prefer typing over speaking
  • my biggest dream is to create an indie nail polish brand
  • i have aphantasia
  • that means i don't have a "mind's eye," and can't mentally visualize things

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