faeriepunk (not to be confused with fairycore) is an aesthetic revolving around... well, faeries! there's elements of classic fae and the lighter and softer fairycore aesthetic, such as floral motifs, flowy gowns, magic, wings, pointed ears... but there's also modern elements, such as glitter, and combat boots. it also leans more toward the "darker" side of fae, rather than sweet tiny winged women a la victorian faeries. think the tooth breakers from don't be afraid of the dark coveting children's teeth to eat, tinker bell trying to have wendy killed out of jealousy, jareth kidnapping an infant and seducing a teen girl, the pale man devouring children and pixies...

to quote faeriepunk.net, "If you can imagine a modern faerie wearing it and swearing in it...that's it." the most important thing is the belief in (and respect for!) the fair folk. in addition to a fashion aesthetic, there's media that can be considered within the genre, along with an attitude! read more at faeriepunk.net

note: faeriepunk has coined the term, but the concept has certainly been around longer! they're the first ones i've seen to have an entire site dedicated to it, so i got mad respect for their efforts in helping get this aesthetic get more awareness! <3


just to give a few of my favorites: the film labyrinth, holly black novels (modern faerie tales, spiderwick chronicles, etc.), pure moods soundtracks, guillermo del toro works (pan's labyrinth, don't be afraid of the dark, etc.), brian froud illustrations, amy brown illustrations...


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