fallout: new vegas mod recs

exactly what it says on the tin j


i have a ranking system in place! this is the key to it :) the reason they're ranked is sometimes when you want (or need, rip) to go lighter on resources ya gotta prioritize, yanno?

mmm three thumbs up: what i consider necessary for a playable game. these are "i absolutely can not go back to playing vanilla game bc i need these to enjoy it at all" mods lol
mm two thumbs up: not necessary per ce, but definitely improve quality of life when playing. these might provide more immersion, look much better, or add a function that makes more sense to me
m one thumb up: i just think they're neat uwu mainly minor aesthetic improvements, but some might also be on the cheat-y side

animation & general visuals

m brighter wider radius pipboy light: see mod name :,)
mm clarity orange tint remover: removes the awful orange tint from the game
mmm glowing star bottle caps: makes star bottle caps easier to see

bug fixes & performance improvements

mmm new vegas anti crash: helps the game not randomly crash as often
mm performance of the gods: removes unnecessary stuff to increase performance

character aesthetic

mm beware of girl body: replaces the female body with a sexier one :,) NSFW WARNING: there's nudity in previews, but an option for underwear in-game
mm dk female face texture: gives ladies cuter faces
mm megaton hairs: adds cute hairstyles to the game roulette
m robert's male body: replaces the male body with a sexier one :,) NSFW WARNING: there's nudity in previews, but an option for underwear in-game

clothing, armor, & accessories

m better lonesome road riot gear coat: makes the coat not fan out so much
mmm blackwolf backpacks: adds wearable backpacks to the game that increase carrying capacity
m dead money type 3 armors: resizes dead money armors to fit beware of girl
m lonesome road armors for type 3 body: resizes lonesome armors to fit beware of girl
m lonesome road endgame dusters: lets you have all the dusters instead of the faction you have most fame with
mm new vegas type 3 leather armors: resizes leather armors to fit beware of girl
mm type 3 body and armor replacer: resizes almost all armors to fit beware of girl
mmm wear glasses with masks and hats with bandanas: see mod name :,)

companions & npcs

m authentic burned man: makes the burned man in honest hearts... actually burned :,)
mm fallout character overhaul: makes npcs look better
m ulysses replacer: makes ulysses even hotter

gameplay effects & tweaks

m perk every level: see mod name :,)
mm weapon mods expanded: allows you to add more mods to weapons

user interface

mmm centered third person camera: centers the camera so your character isn't to the left, and adds the ability to zoom out further
m complete vault girl interface: turns vault boy into vault girl
mm faster terminals: makes terminals load faster
mmm fov slider: adjust field of view in the game
mmm inventory sorters: appends items with a category so like is grouped with like
mmm loot menu: adds a menu to loot in real-time, similar to fallout 4
mmm mtui: various ui improvements, such as better item labels in the pipboy, reading more dialogue options at once, etc.
mmm weapon mod menu: improves the menu for modding weapons

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