fandoms, hobbies, & interests

animanga: ergo proxy, evangelion, hunter x hunter, kuroshitsuji (black butler), sailor moon, tokyo babylon & x, urusei yatsura, utena, yami no matsuei (descendants of darkness), yuri on ice

cartoons: avatar, ever after high, miraculous, monster high, the dragon prince

games: ace attorney, alice, fallout, final fantasy [7, x, xii, crystal chronicles], guilty gear, pixel/rpg horror [alicemare, ib, fleshchild, etc.], stardew valley, survival horror [fatal frame, silent hill, resident evil, etc.]

other: aesthetics, animals, ava's demon, coding, collecting stickers, design, folklore, gaia online, hair care, holly black novels, kegadoru, menhera, labyrinth, line play, mythology, mood boards, nail care, occult, online trading card games, planners, pixel art, repo! the genetic opera, softcore guro edgelord art, the arcana, the last unicorn, window shopping

special: yami no matsuei

current hyperfixation: resident evil (especially leon)