jaime tortint

age: 17
birthday: june 28
astrological sign: cancer
species/race: blood type: a
height: 5’4”
orientation: he's gay jim
fave color: "blue"

jaime is an alright kid, but his parents are rather negligent of him because he has the dreaded gay. instead, they focus all of their attention on his little sister, jocelyn… who is the one that outed him to them. (albeit accidentally.) he has justifiably hard feelings about the incident, leading to the events of the story

he actually has a rather healthy relationship with jocelyn herself, and they are both very affectionate towards each other. he misses her, greatly regrets his deal with aaliyah, and will do whatever it takes to get her back

he has long-standing feelings for timothy, but finds himself drawn to rasmus

what he doesn't know can and will kill him

physical appearance: short, straight platinum blonde hair with long bangs (usually swept out of his eyes with hairclips.) round face. pale complexion. thin, rounded medium-arch eyebrows. wide, round, lidded green eyes. full cheeks. upturned button nose. full lips (makes him look like he's always pouting.) small, round ears with attached lobes. often has bandages/bandaids due to some sort of injury

aesthetic: post-emo soft grunge. baggy hoodies/tees/sweatshirts/sweaters, skinny/ripped jeans, denim shorts, overalls, (chuck) sneakers, creepers, doc martens. sometimes his shoes are platform style. often rolls up his jeans, exposing his socks. wears hair clips/pins, small earrings, paints nails. sometimes wears rainbow motifs in pins and/or patches. rarely wears belts, but when he does they're studded. loves striped patterns, skulls, and spiderweb motifs. he always wears a silver ring with a band shaped like twigs and leaves with a sapphire embedded in the center

favored colors: vermillion, black, white, pink

personality: c r y b a b y, demure

hobbies: singing, hanging out at the arcade 

fave music: bright eyes, emarosa, fall out boy, paramore, purity ring, sleeping with sirens