(aka nathanial/nathan/nate)

she/her mi/nd lgbt+
spoonie changeling fucking webmaster
isfp + 6w5 libra sun libra moon sagittarius ascendant

bonjour y'all! i'm a wee nerd trying to survive web 3.0. i'm 31 [scare chord, flash of lightning, dramatic off-screen scream] and i want you whippersnappers to get off my lawn! (S Q T) (despite my jokes, i really think we need to accept older people exist and have hobbies, and we should also not pick on the kiddos. coexist, as the bumper sticker says)

i've been moseying around these here internets since the year 2000 (do not cite the old web to me, witch; i was there when it was written) and there's a lot i miss from that era. (I j I) this personal site is my way of coping with my nostalgia, and keeping some of that old passion i have for creating silly little websites alive!

irl, i'm a disabled wannabe web designer. i'm currently enrolled in college to get certification as a website development specialist. (their pretentious phrasing, not mine.) i'm originally from southeast america, but i've traveled around a lot and have settled in the rolling hills and valleys of pa with my three children cats. we live in a cat rescue with six room mates and several other kitties where every day is filled with laughter, fur, and purrs (K h K)S


anime / manga: ergo proxy, hunter x hunter, kuroshitsuji (black butler), miraculous, sailor moon, tokyo babylon & x, urusei yatsura, yami no matsuei (descendants of darkness), yuri on ice

books / comics: ava's demon, erec rex, holly black works, the last unicorn, mo dao zu shi

films / tv shows: labyrinth, the last unicorn, the nightmare before christmas, princess mononoke, repo! the genetic opera / daria, the dragon prince, ever after high, hannibal, monster high, the untamed

games: ace attorney, alice, gaia online, guilty gear, resident evil, silent hill

music genres / artists: whatever akira yamaoka is doing, broodpunk, contemporary classical, emocore, new age, nu metal, nu rap, post hardcore, southern gothic, synthwave, witch house / akira yamaoka, ashnikko, bad omens, celldweller, disturbed, florence + the machine, jack off jill, kajiura yuki, perturbator, purity ring, red hot chili peppers, scandroid, the midnight, the romanovs, utada

cruel youth - devil in paradise

hobbies & interests i

aesthetics, blogging, coding & web design, collecting things, engaging with fandom, folklore & mythology, hair & nail care, mood boards, online trading card games, planners, pixel art, talking to my friends, the occult, window shopping

loves (j)

animals, cute things, dolls, nail polish, my friends, my pets, pixels, plushies, teeth

hates (l)

the usual assholes, airports, bloodwork, bright light, bugs, chronic pain, cigarette smoke, cold feet, heat, hospitals, heights, insomnia, certain noises, migraines, my dad, one piece, parking garages, rudeness, school, spicy food, spiders, tiktok, the sun, wasps, vein blowouts, yams, web 3.0 cultures