misc game mod recs

some mods for miscellaneous games that i thought didn't need their own page lol j


i have a ranking system in place! this is the key to it :) the reason they're ranked is sometimes when you want (or need, rip) to go lighter on resources ya gotta prioritize, yanno?

mmm three thumbs up: what i consider necessary for a playable game. these are "i absolutely can not go back to playing vanilla game bc i need these to enjoy it at all" mods lol
mm two thumbs up: not necessary per ce, but definitely improve quality of life when playing. these might provide more immersion, look much better, or add a function that makes more sense to me
m one thumb up: i just think they're neat uwu mainly minor aesthetic improvements, but some might also be on the cheat-y side

resident evil 2 remake

m crush on the radio: makes the song on leon's radio jennifer paige's crush as an homage to a scene in welcome to raccoon city lol
mm re4 leon face: makes leon look closer to how he looked in re4
mm u got that mr x theme: replaces mr. x's theme with u got that by halogen this may seem like a joke but actually it really helps me figure out if mr. x is around. i thought something kinda funny would help assuage my anxiety.... but now i just associate the song with fear. a+ would install again m

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