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feel free to ask me anything ! i can't make a promise on how soon i'll get back to you, but it should be fairly quickly! check back and i'll post answers here as well :)

note: i intended for this to be for more casual and random questions, so i'd appreciate it if you used another method of getting in touch with me to ask about more technical things, like coding help. (discord and twitter are most ideal for this purpose.) i just think it'd be more beneficial for us both if we could discuss it in a live chat over a static q&a form i manually update and that you'd have to check back on ;w;



q: Hello! Were you the person who owned strawberry-gashes.net back in the day?

hiya! i'm sorry to disappoint, but i'm not. this site was created in 2019 (known as gutz then) and was renamed to strawberry gashes in 2022!

i hope you can find that person and see any new projects they may have worked on! ;w;

q: Hello! may i ask how did you customize the hover-texts (idk what they're called) in your site?

the hover texts are referred to as tooltips! they show up when an element has a title or alt text set

customizing them uses a jquery plugin called style my tooltips! you can find it here if you'd like to upload it to your own server, and some folks on tumblr have also uploaded it and made a mini tutorial on implementing it here!

q: Consider an object. What is the object?

the first thing i thought of was one of those tiny mandarins that have been genetically altered to be easily peeled

q: this is so cool! hope you have a good day ^_^

ty sweetheart! i hope you do too!

q: What are those things next to your candy dish?

i'm assuming you mean the candy dish on my thrifting finds page? there's several things around it in the pic, so i'll list all of them :,)

  • a cardcaptor sakura planner
  • a leon kennedy tsum tsum plushie i would die for him
  • a leon kennedy glass nightlight... lamp... thing :,) it's a lineart of him that lights up in different colors!
  • a martha stewart ringbound notebook
  • and just in case it wasn't apparent, the candy dish itself is filled with strawberry starbursts :9

q: Where do you get your CDs from?

i get basically all my cds from half price books! i prefer to browse in their physical stores and see what i can find

if i really, really want my grubby lil' mitts on something specific, i'll check hpb's website, ebay, and amazon tho. whoever has the best price for the best condition wins :,)

q: is ur site name a jack off jill reference? joj is my fave band!!!

it is! they're one of my fave bands too!

perhaps i can interest you in the fanlistings for the band, rabiteen, and... strawberry gashes? :,) (shameless plugs, but hey, they're relevant right? lol)

q: hai, i need a bit help with the fonts part. i’m not sure how to implement it into my webpage,, i downloaded into my browser but still doesn’t show up..

helping with this question is a little more involved, so i posted a tutorial on how to use custom fonts in a webpage here!

q: Hi! You say hermes blesses you a lot. What does that mean? Thanks!

i think you mean when i say it on my thrifting finds page? i say it a lot in that context because hermes is a god of commerce, wealth, and luck! (among other things, but those are the most relevant reason i say it lol)

q: ur dresses are so cute and look great on u!! where did u get em?

tysm honey! made my day ♥ i get my dresses from various places, but i find hot topic and torrid often have ones that are my aesthetic and that come in my size and styles that suit me! hot topic usually comes in xs to i think xxxl, so they're a good retailer no matter what size you wear, although torrid only carries plus sizes

q: this is sucha cool idea omgggggggggg!! how did u make this wow

do you mean the question submission form? here's a guide!

q: You look fat

that would be because i am

q: milk or cereal first this is an important question

i... consume neither :,)

i think adding cereal to a bit of milk and continuously adding more as you go along would prevent the cereal from getting soggy though. having milked poured on top and then sitting in it a while sounds like a recipe for sogginess

q: hiii i would like to know how you added emojis in your cbox? and this website is so cute I also wanna make my own but I'm still a beginner at this TmT

cbox itself allows you to upload custom emoticons! it's under options > emoticons

thank you! well, i was "still" and "just" a beginner when i made my first site too lol. everyone has to start somewhere. make the site!

q: I went to a page that said it wasn't found and it called me Sarah.


joking aside, it's [sweats nervously] an homage... to a similar... neopets... 404 page... which in turn was an homage to a scene from the movie labyrinth... :,)

also please tell me what link was broken for real?

q: what's something mundane that you think everyone should try at least once in their life?

hmmmmm... a lot of things? i know this said "something" but i'll go with "some things" based on my personal experiences lol

  • maintain a website
  • sit on a roof and look at the stars and eat pizza
  • ride a rollercoaster
  • go rollerblading
  • walk along the shore at a beach
  • drop acid
  • attend a pride parade
  • write smutty fanfiction
  • tell a shitty family member to fuck off
  • bleach and/or dye hair

q: hi whats ur aesthetic?

pastels and black! pastel princess stuff... and some goth stuff? feminine n cute overall? :,)

here's some (not very good lol) pics! i mainly take selfies when i'm at the doctors office lol