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feel free to ask me anything! i can't make a promise on how soon i'll get back to you, but it should be fairly quickly! check back and i'll post answers here as well :)



q: this is sucha cool idea omgggggggggg!! how did u make this wow

do you mean the question submission form? here's a guide!

q: You look fat

that would be because i am

q: what's something mundane that you think everyone should try at least once in their life?

hmmmmm... a lot of things? i know this said "something" but i'll go with "some things" based on my personal experiences lol

  • maintain a website
  • sit on a roof and look at the stars and eat pizza
  • ride a rollercoaster
  • go rollerblading
  • walk along the shore at a beach
  • drop acid
  • attend a pride parade
  • write smutty fanfiction
  • tell a shitty family member to fuck off
  • bleach and/or dye hair
q: Where do you get your CDs from?

i get basically all my cds from half price books! i prefer to browse in their physical stores and see what i can find

if i really, really want my grubby lil' mitts on something specific, i'll check hpb's website, ebay, and amazon tho. whoever has the best price for the best condition wins :,)

q: hi whats ur aesthetic?

pastels and black! pastel princess stuff... and some goth stuff? feminine n cute overall? :,)

here's some (not very good lol) pics! i mainly take selfies when i'm at the doctors office lol